What to do in the event of a hijacking

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Drivers should take cautionary steps to reduce the risk of car hijackings, which rose more than 4% last year, according to crime statistics.
This advice, from Chubb, one of the country’s leading security organisations, follows the release of data showing that Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal accounted for 75% of all reported carjackings. The police stations that recorded the most cases were Booysens, Sandton and Mondeor in Johannesburg, and Pinetown, Umlazi, and Phoenix in Durban.
The most common types of hijackings occur when vehicles are stationary or moving slowly and another driver deliberately bumps the car to provoke the driver into getting out. Should you find yourself in this potentially dangerous situation, be aware of the following:
* Obey the hijacker’s instructions.

* Keep your hands clearly visible at all times.

* Try not to make eye contact with the hijacker.

* Try not to panic and show emotional distress.

* Do not reach for anything without first telling the hijacker what you are doing.

* Consider your passengers.

* Do not ask the hijacker if you can retain certain items in the vehicle.

* If asked for your personal identification number (PIN) for your credit card, give it correctly. If you are told to accompany the hijacker to the auto teller, do so without argument or appeal.

* Try to remember as many features of the hijacker (and his accomplices if he has any) as possible.

* When the hijack is over, make a detailed report to the police.
Shooting is a distinct possibility in a hijacking attempt; therefore all reactions with a hijacker or hijackers should be non-confrontational, nonaggressive and compliant. Hijackers are generally as nervous as their victims and are likely to begin shooting without much provocation or reason.
What to do in the event of a hijack situation:
* Do not get out of your car and confront the other driver.

* Try to note any features of the other driver, the type and condition of the vehicle, and the vehicle registration number.

* If you suspect you have been a victim of a potential hijacking, drive to the nearest police station or service station.

* If you have a cellphone, report the incident as soon as you can.

* Make a full report to the police as soon as possible.
Tips to prevent driveway hijackings:
* Install adequate lighting and make sure outside lights can be remotely controlled from inside the premises and via the burglar alarm system.

* Consider installing demand lighting which is activated by a motion detector.

* Cut down bushes in and around the entrance to your home or business – these act as good hiding places for would-be criminals.

* Increase your view - try not to have high walls and tall hedges that obscure your view of your property.

* It is preferable to have automatic gates installed so that you do not have to leave the safety of your vehicle to access your premises.

* Installation of CCTV - at one’s home or business is a very effective way to deter would-be hijackers from targeting your property, as they know that their actions will be monitored and recorded.

* Programme all emergency telephone numbers into your cellphone system eg, your security company, South African Police Service (SAPS), ambulance, fire department etc.
For more information contact Chubb Security South Africa, +27 (0)11 761 7000.


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