The ultimate Rottweiler

July 2009

If your home security needs an upgrade, you could consider getting a couple of Rottweilers.
Rottweilers are great, but if it is complete reliability and state-of-the-art technology you are after, you would do better to have an outdoor detector from Optex installed.
Outdoor detectors are essentially the Rottweilers of security technology, designed to protect the area between your boundary and house by sounding the alarm before criminals can enter the building. Provided these systems are carefully planned around the individual needs of your property and installed by accredited professionals, you can enjoy the ultimate in home security without the bother of false alarms.
To this end, Optex, a world leader in the manufacture of outdoor detectors, has just released its new product range. Comprising three PIR (passive infrared) detectors and an active photoelectric beam detector, these flagship models have been designed to accommodate the lifestyle needs of South Africans. This means optimal functionality in a natural environment, regardless of surrounding conditions or location. Accordingly, the AX, HX, BX and VX short-range detectors are available in hardwired and wireless versions. This is great news not only for those wanting to improve their security in remote locations but also for installers who can now celebrate enhanced convenience and reduced installation times.
Watching from above … the HX series
The High Mount HX40 series is available in three variants: HX40 (Hardwired), HX40AM (Hardwired with anti-masking technology) and the HX40 RAM (wireless battery powered). Designed to be mounted up to 3 m high (beyond the reach of vandals) it provides exceptional external detection performance up to a range of 12 m.
When cabling is not an option … the AX series
For environments where cabling is not an option, Optex introduces the wireless, battery-operated AX-100/200TFR. This active photo-electric beam detector has revolutionised perimeter security for a number of reasons. For one, it offers a significant cost-saving alternative to the traditional hardwired system. Quick and easy to install, it is highly flexible when it comes to location.
You have been warned … VX series
The VX Series works on a dual detection method, which allows for maximum resistance to false or missed alarms. This it does by creating two discrete detection areas, sounding an alarm only when an intruder is detected in both places. Available in standard and battery-operated models, the flagship in this range is the VX-40REC, with its unique detector-activated voice warning feature.
Detect intruders before they break-in … with the BX Series
The attractive and low-profile BX series of PIR outdoor detectors has a detection range of up to 24 m (12 m on each side). This creates an impressive 24 m x 1,3 m detection pattern, making it the ultimate invisible first line of defence.

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