Texecom continues to set the standards

July 2009

Texecom continues to set the standards of versatility in intruder detection both in residential and commercial applications. With the increase of violent crime in residential areas in South Africa, domestic security is an absolute necessity to ensure families are secure while in their home environment.
Texecom has invested vast sums of money into R&D; to become a leader in the development of both domestic and commercial security systems with world class detection devices, both for internal and external use, specifically designed for the South African environmental conditions such as high ambient temperatures and high humidity which are often a cause of detection problems with standard conventional detectors.
Texecom supplies a range of high-tech control panels and detection devices from entry level requirements to the top of the range in a highly competitive market. Texecom’s range of control panels, from entry level Texecom 412 control panel with eight zones expandable to 16 zones with two partitions – allowing the system to be split into two separate areas ie, main residence and granny flat or main residence and perimeter protection. The control panel has eight programmable outputs and a 750 event buffer, the largest event buffer in the industry for entry level control panels.
The outputs can be programmed and used to switch devices such as external security lights and ensuring users may access the premises at prescribed times of the day.
The Texecom 412 control panel has six home arming modes to ensure the versatility for the homeowner to arm sections of the secured premises as required. The Texecom range of control panels all have an auto arm/auto disarm function ideal for allowing gardeners onto the premises while homeowners are away. This function can select specific days of the week as required.
Following the 412 control panel in the larger residential application, is the Texecom 832 control panel, with eight zones expandable to 32 zones and all the functionality of the Texecom 412 control panel. The Texecom 832, however, is programmable to four partitions ie, should there be a home utilising four separate areas such as a granny flat, kids living in an outside cottage etc, the system can be split into four separate alarm systems minimising the cost of purchasing four separate systems.
Texecom has also developed a range of high-tech detection devices such as passive infrared detectors, dual tech detectors. The CloakWise dual tech detector was developed to ensure superior detection where intruders may be cloaked, pet immune detectors for applications where pets are retained within the home. Texecom supplies a range of Atsumi outdoor beams offering a combination of both passive infrared detection and active infrared detection should the application require it.
Texecom will continue to develop product suited specifically for the South African industry as our requirements differ vastly from those of Europe and the rest of the Western world. Ask your nearest installer for a demonstration or an end-user DVD to view our feature-packed alarm products.

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