Your home is your castle ... or is it?

The best defence against robberies is forward security planning

[ November 2009, Featured Articles ]

The art of living safely

Home intrusion, home automation, home healthcare, home safety and home visual verification have become the pillars of Visonic’s focus and core of operation

[ October 2009, Personal Security ]

Everything you need to know about safes

Critical facts that consumers should know when buying a safe

[ November 2009, Product Focus ]

Setting up a safe room

A safe room is a place in the home that family members can escape to in the event of a break in

[ November 2009, Personal Security ]

Fire, smoke and gas ... are South Africans complacent

Because crime has had a far bigger impact on home-owners, physical security has received more focus than that of fire/gas/smoke protection

[ November 2009, Smoke/Fire/Gas Detection, Prevention & Suppression ]

A simple system could save a life

A misconception about fire control products amongst consumers is that these units are expensive

[ November 2009, Smoke/Fire/Gas Detection, Prevention & Suppression ]

Detecting carbon monoxide gases

The only safe way to detect this silent killer is with a CO detector linked to an alarm

[ November 2009, Smoke/Fire/Gas Detection, Prevention & Suppression ]

Residential estates, just how safe are they

Security companies making a difference in their local community are those that grow and evolve their crime prevention strategies to align with the evolving modus operandi of criminals

[ November 2009, Perimeter ]

When last did you inspect your estate's security?

Homeowners have frequently been living in sub-standard complexes with no proof that their systems are sound

[ November 2009, Personal Security ]

What security options work best in complexes and estates?

Security is all about the right mixture of flexibility and functionality that meet homeowners’ needs

[ November 2009, Perimeter ]

Access authorised

Knowing the identity of those entering a property provides increased peace of mind for residents

[ November 2009, Access Control (gates) ]

What you need to know about video surveillance

Video management software is a key component of any video surveillance solution

[ November 2009, Surveillance ]

Controlling your home with one solution

Visonic’s PowerMaxPro is one of the only solutions on the market enabling users to verify the status of their property by viewing realtime images of their homes from any remote location

[ November 2009, Surveillance ]

Weighing up the cost of physical security

it is imperative to install the best quality security barriers one can afford on every external door and all windows

[ November 2009, Access Control (gates) ]

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